no one really knows.....

"No One Really Knows"
By Dixie Coleman

Everyone hurts you cause no one really knows
The grief that lies so deep inside and barely ever shows.
Beauty shown through sadness, tears of the heart which cant be ignored,
The same hurtful words spoken, each one becomming a bore.
Every second that passes by, you just wish for cold death's kiss,
As a shadow is cast upon a happiness that will never exist.
Why pick me, why not take away my hurt, I beg of you,
Take away this burden, release that person i never knew.
Night waits silently for that last breath, last word, last thought,
Night waits patiently for an ending so longly sought.
You feel the heart breaking in half, a pain only a lover knows,
The grief that lies so deep inside and barely ever shows.
Knowing not what they want from you, as they rip you to shreds,
They just want to see you beg and eventually wind up dead.
By these hands I waken thee,
For this path is for the weakest man,
I solemnly swear to hold you in this time of need,
Because I know so truly, this is not a part of God's pathetic plan.
He hands to you no love or support, although none of this is fact,
When it all comes down to man himself, you're the only one who has your back
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She was always the “skinny one”.
“You’re so skinny”, “You can eat anything”, “I hate you”,
They would say.
Only longing to have what she blindly possessed.
‘Do they truly hate me?’ she would ponder.
Flattered and yet hated.

Then after years of “eating anything”.
Metabolism caught up to her.
She gained but one pound.
Shocked, she felt wrong.
‘This is not me, I’m the “skinny one”’.
Because that was what they had told her.

Corrupted, she went out alone and found a friend,
A friend whose goal was to kill.
But naïve, she plunged.
Starving and craving,
She felt accomplished.
She was back to her old self.

But this friend was out to destroy.
Weak and damaged,
Beautiful but barely functioning.
It’s what she wanted after all.
She was once again envied.
But she wouldn’t notice.


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i want to be beautiful.
i want to fit into anything i put on.
i want to feel my bones.
i want to be weak.
i want to feel small.
i want people to hold me delicatly fear of breaking me.
i want to be frail.
i want to be envied.
i want to love me...
WHY is it hard!?
i wish i could refuse food.
i binge...
i want to hide.
i want to be SICKLY thiN!
YOU do not understand!
i want to stop eating.
i want push aside dinner.
But i am forced to eat...
i need to say NO.
Oh, but please don't worry.
i WANT to be this way.....
misty rain

if one....

if one loves, he must also have pain.
if one borrows, he can never hope to gain.
if one laughs, he must have times of sadness,
if one weeps, he must have times of gladness.
if one sows, he shall also reap,
if one covets, he will be filled with greed.
if one sleeps, he must some time awaken
if one is strong, he must sometime be shaken.
if one has pride, he shall surely fall,
if one is lowly, he shall soon stand tall.
if one is tired, he still must keep on going,
if one gives, he should not come up owing.
if one dreams, he must soon face reality
if one breaths, he must see his mortality.
if one grows, he cannot stay the same,
if one loves, he must also take the pain.
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misty rain

this place

I'm so tired of being here
In this place filled with agony and despair
No light at the end of the tunnel
To pierce the blackened air
No soul walks this lonely road
Myself is all I see
The ground is strewed all around me
With incompleted destiny
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I call you and you have become deaf -
and when the weight falls away so does your soul.

And I wonder....why did this happen?
Who made you hurt like this -
that you would be willing,
so very willing and eager -

to desecrate yourself,

like this?


quirkytizzy  wrote that poem and it made me cry-ok everything makes me cry but let me know what you think.