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if one.... - Come find me under this frozen surface...

ashrayneMar. 14th, 2005 07:08 pm if one....

if one loves, he must also have pain.
if one borrows, he can never hope to gain.
if one laughs, he must have times of sadness,
if one weeps, he must have times of gladness.
if one sows, he shall also reap,
if one covets, he will be filled with greed.
if one sleeps, he must some time awaken
if one is strong, he must sometime be shaken.
if one has pride, he shall surely fall,
if one is lowly, he shall soon stand tall.
if one is tired, he still must keep on going,
if one gives, he should not come up owing.
if one dreams, he must soon face reality
if one breaths, he must see his mortality.
if one grows, he cannot stay the same,
if one loves, he must also take the pain.

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